About Us

          FreshersAdda is a new age portal for all freshers and would be jobseekers assisting them in identifying and choosing the right career path. We gather and provide information on all Job openings in India for the fresher community. Our portal is aimed at handholding and partnering with every jobseeker in taking the plunge into the Corporate world mentoring and guiding them as they take their initial steps.

          As a fresher starts his quest to get into the job of his dreams we at Freshersadda  are in a continuous effort to guide him/her in each and every step be it in upgrading his skills or landing the right job through Industry insights, Expert Advice, Latest Job openings, Weekly Seminars, Workshops  etc. In our endeavor to bring out the finest knowledge to freshers we engage industry's bigwigs to give a heads up on what lies ahead.

          Freshersadda will strive to turn the freshers job search a learning and pleasant experience. Our motto is "A job search in itself is a job". Once a fresher starts his job search he already is on a job "of finding it". We will try to make this job of the fresher as simple and as tireless as possible.