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 Complainers change their complaints, but they never reduce the amount of time spent in complaining. – Mason Cooley”

In the much sensational book on transactional analysis, I am OK, You are OK, the author, Thomas Harris MD analyses different set psyche in the process of conducting transactions. One of the states is I am Ok, You are not OK, which says that , I am correct and the fault is at your end. This shows the magnitude of relevance complaining has in psychology and day to day life.

It is a human tendency, particularly at tender ages, to attribute our failure to external reasons. For instance, if a job aspirant doesn’t perform well at interview and gets rejected, rather analyzing his performance, he or she would try to assign letdown to external reasons. What we commonly call ‘complaining’. As an adage says that man alone takes birth crying, lives complaining, and dies dejected and upset. In this state of mind, standing on the nonessential points and and whimpering and complaining, nobody would make an iota of progress. Rather if one initiates implementing ideas he or she would make a remarkable progress.

Complaining would never be exciting in anyone’s life. Such a sign of consistently carping and nitpicking would be surely taken as an indication of trivial souls and substandard understandings. Complaining not only wrecks everyone else’s day, it messes up the complainer’s day, too. The more we complain, the more despondent we become. Instead of complaining if one puts uphill struggle with fullest confidence on his or her abilities there is every chance that he or she would surmount the hurdles to reach the goal post. Nike markets its products with tag line “Just Do It”. By adding one word to it we need to follow “Just Do It Now”. The power of now has to be realized and acknowledged. We need to make things happen rather than procrastinate and adopt watch and wait approach.

Yes, problems are everyone’s part of life. And one’s success or failure depends on how one actually crosses such hurdles and speed breakers suavely. How one approaches and handles the problem specifies how such hurdle can be handled. When the problem too big to handle it can be broke into smaller units. Then each unit should be addressed so that problem would be handled at macro level.

Visionary or Negative Thinker:

So now is the time to resolve if you would like to live as a loser by complaining, blaming and criticizing OR live like a successful chap, the one who doesn't waste the time by looking in the past, the one who does not have a negative thought process, the one who is visionary and the one who once make a commitment then focuses on it all the way till the task is accomplished.