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Health is wealth” is an age old adage we often come across. Better the health, better the career, and better the career, better the life. But most youngsters give a damn to fitness. We often see slender and slim young men and women putting weight quickly as they get into jobs. Why the swift change? As these youngsters obtain jobs they push themselves into a ‘zone of comfort’ in which they confine themselves to sedentary activities.

However this is not true with all. There is a thin percentage of young population who surely continues workouts, jogging, sports, et al to keep them fit. There is another section who suddenly realizes that they are adding some non performing assets (weight) and start focusing on that. There are some who opt for short cuts to cut down the weight which many times won’t work or may also turn detrimental.

Simple solution: A plain simple solution for everyone would be the “no cost exercise” i.e. jogging or brisk walking. According to a study done by “Copenhagen City Heart Study”, the life span men and women who make jogging or brisk walking their dally habit would increase by 6.2 years and 5.6 years respectively. This study, which was commenced in 1976, researched a large sample of 20,000 people. Of this sample 1,116 men and 762 women have got the habit of jogging. The extensive research, which continued for 35 years, found that 10,158 people who don’t have the jogging habit and 122 people who had the jogging habit died during this period.

As per the statistics pertinent to the study those who made jogging a regular habit could increase their life span. Most of them had the habit of jogging 2-3 hours a week. Regular jogging or brisk walking has many credits like increase in oxygen consumption and good cholesterol, improvisation of heart functioning, reduction in blood pressure, strengthening of immunity and bone density, and others. A simple and penny free exercise ‘Jogging’ got these many advantages which ultimately save the health. Above that physical strength adds to psychological persistence too. The researcher’s advice to run or walk regularly at least with low effort.